BSQ Preform Surgery
What could possibly go wrong?
Production Number: 10
Aired: 3/19/2010
Characters Barbershop Quartet, Patient, Doctor
Length 0:52
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Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery is the tenth Cyanide and Happiness short.


The episode starts with a street view of the General Hospital then shows the outside of the operating room. Inside the operating room, all four of the members of the Barbershop Quartet stand behind a patient ready for surgery. The first member holds out his hand singing, "Scapel" and the second one hands him a scaple harmonizing, "Here you go". All of the sudden, the heart rate on the monitor accelerates and all four memebers harmonize, "Oh my god" as the patient flatlines. All for members look sadly at the dead patient and the fourth member starts, "If only we" and the other members join in harmonizing the same line and finishes, "were doctors". A doctor comes in and looks at the Quartet and then a clipboard in his hand but does nothing else.


  • The patient flatlines from not recieving his surgery.