Beer Run
Don't drink and drive.
Production Number: 2
Aired: 1/13/2010
Characters Blueshirt
Ted Bear (on a poster)
Written by Explosm
Directed by Chase Suddarth
Length 2:12
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Beer Run is the second animated short for Cyanide and Happiness.


The episode starts with Greenshirt and Blueshirt exiting a house party, both drunk, holding bottles of beer, and singing "Maharani". Greenshirt remarks "This party's crazy!" to which Blueshirt just exclaims "Wooo!" Greenshirt then notices that he is out of beer and states that it's a shame and suggests that he should get the party goers out. Blueshirt is horrified by the idea and volunteers leave the party to get more beer.

Greenshirt replies, "What? No way, you're more drunk than I am."

Blueshirt tells him to quit pooping on the party and leaves with Greenshirt still unsure that Blueshirt should go. Blueshirt tells Greenshirt that he's not his babysitter, getting in the driver's seat of his car.

Greenshirt finally agrees and Blueshirt starts the car. Greenshirt comes over saying, "Wait, wait, wait, wait! Can you get some ice while you're out?"

Blueshirt agrees and drives off swerving and screaming. He runs a red light, prevents a mugging by running over Robber, puts out a fire covering Purpleshirt by running through a puddle, takes off with a different Greenshirt's groceries which wind up with the hobo.

Finally, he arrives at the liquor store and buys many cases of Ten Ants beer and takes off again with the beer in the backseat, once again, screaming as he drives but makes it back to the party, crashing through the wall and killing Greenshirt. Getting out, Blueshirt exclaims "Aw, shit! I forgot the ice!" and gets back in the car, driving off.


  • Robber possibly dies after being hit by Blueshirt. (Debatable)
  • Greenshirt is ran over by Blueshirt.


  • Robber is hit by Blueshirt. (If he didn't die)
  • Purpleshirt is lit on fire.