"Well, whenever I'm depressed I just eat a whole bunch of chocolate."
―Greenshirt to Aquashirt.

Greenshirt is a character devised by the creative minds of Rob DenBleyker and Kris Wilson. Appearing in most of the comic strips seen to this day, Greenshirt is one of the most popular characters to appear in this series. Greenshirt has died many times in these comics and has provided the reader with alot of great laughs and fond memories. Another character that resembles Greenshirt is Charles.

Greenshirt isn't one single individual and cannot exactly be considered as a recurring character, since he doesn't have a proper name and lacks a true history due to the fact that most of C&H comics are independant and have their own stories and characters, without impacting on the others. Greenshirt is in fact one of the most common and reusable physical appearances used for the anonymous figures of C&H. Hence, the shade of his shirt can somewhat change as it is not a fixed distinguishing feature, unlike for exemple the dark tone always used for Charles.

At the beginning of C&H, the two main colours for the shirts were blue and green, and through time it remained one of the most recurring colours. Yet a lot of comics feature redshirted, orangeshirted, pinkshirted... characters.

Kris Comic AppearancesEdit

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Applesauce CrotchEdit

"Your crotch looks like applesauce. I think you should see a doctor."
―Blueshirt to Greenshirt
Blueshirt pointed his finger at Greenshirt's crotch and blurted out how it looked like Applesauce, Greenshirt then looked crotch in wonder. Blueshirt continued as he said that Greenshirt should see a doctor. With the doctor arriving, he extended his arm, pointing at Greenshirts "applesauce" crotch and asked if that was Applesauce.

Are those really arms?!Edit

"Why yes, yes they are."
―Greenshirt to Yellowshirt.

A shocked Yellowshirt extended his finger towards Greenshirts arms, exclaiming "Holy Crap" and questioned the arms authenticity. Flattered by the comment, Greenshirt said proudly "Why yes. Yes they are".

Rob Comic AppearancesEdit

Comic Strips 1-1000Edit

Fooled You!Edit


Greenshirt to Yellowshirt.

"Look at this turtle I found behind the barn!"
―Greenshirt's feeble attempt to fool Yellowshirt.

Running up to Yellowshirt, Greenshirt told him to look at the "turtle" he had found behind the barn. Confused, Yellowshirt replied back that Greenshirt wasn't holding anything and they didn't even have a barn. Pointing back and laughing, Greenshirt just remarked that he had fooled Yellowshirt.

A Cultural Trend!Edit

"Oh my god!! A cultural trend!! DUCK!!"
―Greenshirt while pointing at the trend.
Noticing a cultural trend forming, Greenshirt warned Blueshirt and Orangeshirt to duck but, despite them ducking, they were transformed into men dressed in late 60's fashion except Blueshirt who stayed the same. All was silent and Orangeshirt and Greenshirt focused their attention towards Blueshirt who just claimed that he's a Republican.

Benches Can Talk?Edit


Greenshirt and his Girlfriend.

―Greenshirt thinking that the bench had just talked to him.

Sitting on a bench with his girlfriend, a pink-shirted woman, she claimed Greenshirt didn't notice her, that was the feeling she was getting. Referring to him as Charles, she then explained that she thought it was best if they broke up. Greenshirt quickly stood up and exclaimed "what the hell?!" where he remarked that benches don't talk.

Only Three PanelsEdit

"Dude, there's only three panels! Quick! Say something funny!"
―Blueshirt to Greenshirt.
Looking across the left of the comic, Blueshirt quickly had the realization that there was only three panels. In a hurry, he yelled at Greenshirt, who was thinking, to say something funny. The two contemplated but never said a thing in the end.

Is It A Dead Rabbit?Edit


Blueshirt and Greenshirt observing the dead rabbit.

"Is that a dead rabbit?"
―Greenshirt asking Blueshirt a question.

Approaching a dead rabbit, Greenshirt asked Blueshirt to confirm if it was a dead rabbit or not. Blueshirt responded, saying that it had been dead for awhile and someone had smeared their feces. Greenshirt started to feel sick and claimed he was going to throw up his lunch, Blueshirt just got onto his knees and remarked that he had already found his.

Purple-Shirted StabberEdit

"Cops are urging people to keep a lookout for hi-"
―Greenshirt before the Purple-Shirted Stabber murdered him.
Greenshirt was talking to "Blueshirt" about a newly found criminal who went by the name of the "Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber." Telling Blueshirt of how the cops were looking for the criminal, Blueshirt revealed himself to be an imposter and was actually the Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber. Gasping, Greenshirt watched as the Purpe-Shirted Eye Stabber pulled out a knife and Greenshirt screamed as he was enucleated by the Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber.

Freud's TheoryEdit


An Abandoned Blueshirt.

"Freud's mom must be like a hundred years old!"
―Blueshirt to Greenshirt after hearing Freud's theory.

Holding a book in his hand, Greenshirt tried to explain Freud's Theory of how psychologically every man wants to sleep with his mother. Blueshirt just exclaimed saying that it's disgusting, continuing with saying that Freud's mother must be like a hundred years old, implying that he thought Greenshirt meant sleeping with Freud's mother. Greenshirt dropped the book to the floor and walked away.

Another Purple-Shirted Stabber?Edit

"Worst! Story! Ever!"
―Greenshirt to the little girl.
Greenshirt was standing right next to a little girl as she was telling him how a boy named Tommy said he liked her, but she thought he was just being a "doodoo head". With the story finished, Greenshirt just remarked that it was the worst story ever. Pulling off his shirt, he revealed himself to be the Purple-Shirted Stabber and stabbed the girl in the eye.

Negative AnswersEdit

"It means you're gay"
―Blueshirt to Greenshirt

In a classroom, Blueshirt and Greenshirt were doing a worksheet. Greenshirt leaned over to Blueshirt and asked him what does a negative answer mean for question 10. Blueshirt responded, saying that it meant that Greenshirt was gay. Greenshirt just walked off, telling him that he would ask the professor. Giving the sheet to the Professor, the man leaned over his desk and asked Greenshirt what he was doing that night.

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  • Greenshirt has had plenty of names through the comics such as:
    • Charles
    • Wiliams
    • GS
    • Nathan
    • 50 MPH MAN (Waiting for the bus)