Harry the Handsome Butcher is a simple man who of course, sells meat. His look can also attract women. In "Harry the Handsome Butcher" short, He cuts a circle of the skin off his face when a red-haired woman asks for the best meat he has. The removal of his facial skin leaves him looking horrifying, and it scared some of his customers.

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In "Harry the Handsome Butcher 2", he eventually got fired because he made his business lose half a star. After being insulted to get out of the place, Harry cuts a circle of his boss's face, replaced it to his face. After finding a brand new job as a mechanic, he helped a black man to set up his computer by removing the face on his head, place it in the CPU as a disk. The black man then fainted, and Harry was fired again. He now uses a blue disk to replace his face.

Due to such discretion, he is once again fired. He sees his face on a wanted poster on the police department wall and because his dopey ass thought it was a job offer, he practically gave himself up. Just then, word is out that Fatty Bones Malone is back on the streets peddling that sweet ass crystal meth of his.

They send Harry the handsome prisoner in as a snitch because he has "no face." Therefore he blends in well. Six years later, Malone discovers one of his men has been working as a police informant for the last six years, but he has the wrong guy. Upon executing the wrong man, he wonders why Harry did not partake in the execution. Harry replies "Sorry boss, I wanted to. it's just that, well, I've been working as a police informant for the last six years." Malone is jailed along with Harry. That night, Señor Cleanfist suggests making a cleeeeeaaan getaway, leaving us waiting for part 4...