I Did It
Greenshirt trying to get in shape
Production Number: 1
Aired: 5/7/2009
Characters Greenshirt
Blueshirt (in background)
Written by Rob DenBleyker
Directed by Rob DenBleyker
Length 0:35
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Beer Run

I Did It is the first animated short for Cyanide and Happiness.


The screen opens with very heavy breathing, an overweight Greenshirt is seen on a gym working out on a stair climber still breathing heavily. Suddenly, Greenshirt spots a switch on the machine that switches the direction of the steps from up to down. Greenshirt flips the switch to "up" and ride the machine to the top like an escalator and stands on the top exclaiming, "I did it!". A darker greenshirt starts saying "Aw, son of a..." and falls off the treadmill he was running on.


  • Dark Greenshirt fall off treadmill.

Memorable LinesEdit

Dark Greenshirt: Aw, son of a... *falls off treadmill*


  • This is the first animated short posted on