Jesus Christ is the son of god and the messiah with the ability to walk on water, heal the lame, and turn water into wine. Jesus constantly appears around Cyanide and Happiness as an arrogant superpowered being who turns his glass of water into wine behind people's backs despite being the party's designated driver.

Unlike most expectations from Christians, Jesus is indifferent to homosexuality, though he kills a gay couple after one of his followers pointed them out (killing the follower afterwards and implying that he will be hunting more homophobes). Once he didn't want two men to be married, though only because they were "assholes".

Jesus died on the cross and several factors came from that. One is that this left holes in his hands that disallow him to properly hold things, though these holes allow him to cheat at hide-and-seek. Jesus also apparently died on the cross so he could make a "rise like bread" pun. 

Around Easter, Jesus becomes a zombie version of himself who hunts down people that forgot his death day, though he is unable to get people underwater due to his water-walking powers.

In #1738, comic of Matt Melvin, when you check the picture's name of the comic it is:
Its official, Jesus is my new favorite recurring C+H character.png
This means Matt's Melvin's favourite reccuring Cyanide and Happiness character is Jesus Christ.

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