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Joking Hazard is an upcoming Cyanide and Happiness card game that is currently reaching out for Kickstarter funding.


From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comes a card game where players compete to finish a Comic strip

Game PlayEdit

Joking Hazard requires at least three people to play. Everyone draws a hand of seven cards, each of which contains one panel of a potential comic. The first panel is selected from the top of the deck and the judge will provide the second panel which he or she may choose to place before our after the card drawn from the deck.

Then the remaining players choose the third panel from their own hands and places it next to the comic face down and the judge reads each comic one at a time and picks the best one.

The winning panel is returned to it's owner in a separate and everyone take a card so that they have seven and the process repeats itself until one player reaches an agreed score.

Red PanelsEdit

Mixed in the deck are Red Panels which do actually have a red border and contain actions that can only go in the third panel.

Any time the deck plays a Red Panel, every character can trade one of their cards for a new one and then a two panel round is played for double points.


  • The panels found in the game are very similar (even identical) to the panels found in the Random comic generator.
  • This is the second time Explosm hosted a Kickstarter, the first was for Season 1 of the Cyanide and Happiness Show.
  • For making donations to the Kickstarter, contributors are rewarded with a copy of the game an boaster packs that increase depending on the size of the contribution.