Opposite Day
Ever wonder why Opposite Day doesn't really exist?
Production Number: TBA
Aired: 8/20/2014
Characters Joey
Length 1:18
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Opposite Day - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Opposite Day - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Plot Edit

Joey is sleeping at 6:01 AM but it counts down to 6 instead of counting up, he then presses the alarm clock which causes the alarm to go off, as the moon rises in the window behind his bed. He wakes up and declares it's "Opposite Day", he gets dressed by putting a shirt where his trousers would be and vice-versa, he then places a boot on top of his head in lieu of a hat. The Newspaper Delivery man then arrives at the window and announces it is Opposite Day, but Joey is the one who throws the newspaper at the delivery man. We then cut to various places around town where people are celebrating the holiday all while declaring "Opposite Day!".

  1. A father dressed as baby sits in a stroller drinking from a bottle as the baby is dressed in a suit and tie.
  2. A lumberjack places a chopped down tree back on its stump in a forest, the tree then falls down.
  3. A farmer placing eggs back into the chicken.
  4. A stripper throwing money at her patrons at a nightclub.
  5. EMTs jumping out of an ambulance to violently assault a citizen.
  6. A gravedigger burying a tied up couple alive, while a corpse is sitting next to the grave.
  7. A surgeon placing a scalpel into his patients hands and then plunges it into himself, removing his heart.
  8. Fire fighters spraying a house with fire as people inside are heard screaming.

We then cut back to Joey who has been witnessing all the chaos around town due to the holiday he then closes his window and decides not to go outside.

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