"I'm not for eyes... I'm against them."
The Purple-Shirted eye stabber before stabbing several people's eyes
Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber is a character derived from one of the official cartoonists, Rob DenBleyker, and is usually used only in his comics though he had appeared in one animated short. He mostly uses a knife to stab people's eyes but sometimes uses other objects such as a pen and even a Nerf blowgun. Since the colour of his shirt is his only distinguinshing trait, which is often reused in his jokes, this shade of dark purple is hardly reused for any other character.

The eyestabber disappeared for some time and briefly returned to his stabbing spree one halloween. Afterwards he became a hobo only recognized by fans, who ask for eye stabs.

The eyestabber apparently loses all purpose in life and becomes a beggar on the streets. A passer-by even berates him for being a waste of space.

Suddenly, an alien invasion brewed comprising of giant eyeball aliens. The Eye Stabber went to the rescue. Since the aliens never reappeared, but the Stabber did, he was probably succesful.

The Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber is one of the most popular characters of C&H, regardless of the fact that he has nearly disappeared of the recent comics. This is probably due to his unforgettable and very specific personality. As an example of his fame, a poster featuring the Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber exists and can still be ordered on the website. He's also the star of a short, Return of the Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber.

Appearances Edit

  • 49
  • 55
  • 309
  • 347 (renamed himself as Purple-Shirted Nerf Blowdarter)
  • 432
  • 614
  • 1173
  • 1318
  • 2220
  • 2500 (hiding in the background) 
  • 3816
  • Return of the Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber

The short titled "Return of the Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber" released on July 23rd, 2014 was dedicated to his character. The name and description of the video - "it lives!"- both refers to the erratic appearances of the Eye Stabber, who had merely been in a comic for a long period of time.

Very "Inceptionish", as we follow a show within a show within a movie, the short was also the occasion to gently mock the very fanbase of C&H that frequently criticized the previous shorts as roughly "too predictable" and "not as good as before". It also contains a lot of plot twists, in pure CH fashion.

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