The is a feature of, added in November 2014, with the " 2.0" released in January of 2016, adding multiple new panel options. It generates randomized Cyanide & Happiness comics using panels associated with three-letter strings in the URL (e.g. "ufi" gives Greenshirt vomiting on the ground). This means it is possible to make comics of your own if you index the strings, such as a comic with all three panels consisting of a vomiting Greenshirt. Prior to the RCG 2.0, panels were designated using common words, but those words no longer work in RCG URLs. Also introduced in the RCG 2.0 were locks above each panel, allowing users to prevent certain panels from being randomized so here is the list.

List Edit

Keyword Description
lio Blue standing alone.
vjw Close-up of Blue frowning with folded arms, saying "What the hell is wrong with you?"
pme Close-up of Blue touching his temples saying "Uh oh, my spider sense is tingling!"
eqc Both walk in.
skp Blue walks towards Green while whistling.
pkj Blue walks towards Green with his hands in the air saying "I just saw Jesus!"
qox Blue walks towards Green saying "I'm going to be a dad!"
mbd Blue walks away from Green frowning and says "Aaaand that's enough of that."
Dependent Green says to Blue "Tell me the truth, do you think I'm weird?"
fmu Blue is begging on his knees, saying to Green "Listen baby, I think we can make this work."
pxm Blue says to Green "I think I'm going crazy..."
Berserk Blue asks a sad-looking Green "Are you feeling okay?"
rts Green folds his arms and turns his back on Blue
Rapid Blue says to Green "I'm hungry."
Plane Blue says "Sorry, were you saying something?"
Sea Green says to Blue "We're Boyfriend and Boyfriend now."
txf Green, with a tiny face, whispers to Blue "I don't care."


Green says "I love you" with a weird look on his face
iue Blue bites his lip
ufi Green is vomiting
hpl Blue and Green vomit at each other, their vomits colliding mid-air. Blue's vomit is green while Green's vomit is orange.
edl Green and Blue high-five
qnp Green and Blue both gasp in shock at each other
ode Blue says to Green "Dude! That gypsy curse made us switch bodies!"
Green showing abs: "Check this shit out."
iga Blue takes his shirt off while saying to Green "Check out out MY rockin' tits."
and showing his(?) breasts to Green.
aux Blue says: "I'm you from the future!! I have to tell you something!"
slb Green shows his butt to Blue while staring at the floor
Kick Green shows his butt to Blue on all fours while grinning creepily at him
Mammoth Blue says: You are the smartest person I've ever met


Blue says: I'm lactating.
Flock Green shoots Blue
ltd Green is next to a bride and a priest says: Are you done yet?
Event Blue proposes to Green
yxj Blue says: Pick a card, any card
Blue farts
jnx Green farts
Cow Green closes his eyes, leans forwards slightly and farts
omh Green is farting, Blue is choking
Fragile Blue says: May I take your daughter's hand in marriage?
Abject Blue says "Are we even friends anymore?"
Green pees on Blue
jzm Green pees into Blue's open mouth
Substance Green says: I wish
Premium Green is checking watch while Blue says: Hey I'm here
hvt Green is trying to swallow Blue's head
Thunder Blue says: What I meant to say was...
glz Blue is dragging a box and says:
"Well son, you're all moved in and ready for your first year at college."
Hole Both say: TWINSIES
jid Green shouts: Get away from me!
lpb Blue smiles very close to Green while Green is suspicious
Test Green smiles very close to Blue while Blue is suspicious
znp Blue is holding the box for the card game "Joking Hazard" and says to Green: "Check it out! We're in a card game called JOKING HAZARD and you can buy it NOW!"

(This panel was added and would appear as the first panel when the page was loaded to promote the card game Joking Hazard. It was later removed, but can still be accessed with its code. Instead of having an on and off lock, it simply has an option to remove the panel.)

Cast Green says: I thought you'd never say that!
Pigs Green says "What do I get out of it?"
pyg Close-up of Blue with his hand on his chin saying "I never thought of it that way!"


Blue says: Can you check my butt for lumps?
lsn Green leans towards Blue with a creepy face and says "Weeelll?"


Green leans towards Blue in an intimidating manner and says "Don't ever tell anyone about this."
jih shows Green with REKT
pmv shows Blue with REKT
Blue looks at Green with his bottom lips beneath his teeth
saying MMMMMM...
qdx Green bites his lip, saying "Mmmmmmm..." His hand appear to reach for his crotch.
dzh Blue says to Green "Hey! Long Time no see!"
amf Blue says "This is my first time speed dating!"
idu Green yells "Them's fighting words buddy!"
rfc Blue bleeds from his eyes and mouth
Impossible Blue says to Green "You're such a negative person."
exr Green says to Blue "Do I know you?"
tpf Blue says with his hands on his head "Not Again!"
qrz Blue says "And furthermore..."
Name Blue says "Alternatively, you could suck my dick."
Blue says "Life is so boring."
Blue shouts "I will snap your FUCKING neck!!!"
Fact Green is covered in blood and on the floor with Blue holding
a blood-covered knife and saying: "You made me do this!!"
Evasive Blue grabs Green's shirt and says "Give me your clothes."
Rhythm Green puts his arm over Blue and says "Sorry for your loss."
Camp Blue says "I'm proud of you son."
Nervous Blue says "Guess what time it is!"
Texture Blue tries to punch Green
dhr Green shows his butt to Blue and points a gun to him while saying
"Do me."
Pets Green says: "I'm a woman."
Joyous God drops Green down with the words at the top saying:
Genesis 6:9 Then the Lord made a woman and brought her to the man.
Blue points at Green's erection and says "Whoa, Nice boner."
fym Blue says "Well, now I've gone and done got a boner." Green looks extremely impressed.
cdl Both laugh out loud with their hands on their bellies. Blue's eyes are closed.
Lip Both laugh out loud while slouching forwards with their arms hanging loose.
Birth Blue says "What I'm trying to say is, I'm really lonely."
scx Blue says "Agreed."
Gaudy Blue says "I think I'm starting to get sick."
Decision Blue gets close to Green while Green is nervous and sweating
Small Blue says "I think I might be bipolar."
Stomach Green says while holding his nipples "That makes my tits hard."
Obese Blue says "Gay marriage is legal here now!"
Control Blue says "I learn a lot about myself today."
Apathetic Blue walks in saying "My wife just died."
pmq Blue points at Green and says "Suck my butt!"
rum Blue grabs Green's shirt collar and says:
"You stupid son of a bitch!"
Measure Blue puts his finger on Green and shushes him.
Worm Green puts his finger on Blue and shushes him.
api Green puts his finger on Blue and says "Shhh! We're not alone!"
Natural Blue says "I just got a promotion!"
jto Blue says "Donde esta la biblioteca?"
cwm Green shrugs and says "No hablo ingles."
Approval Green points at Blue with a grin saying "I'll do ya a better one..."
Calculator Blue says "That was inappropriate, I apologize."
oqe Green says "Well, that's a relief."
Vigorous Blue says "What a beautiful day!"
fvb Green says "That sounds amazing!"
Blue says sadly "I haven't had sex in months."
Shock Both high five each other
oja Green grins creepily
egc/mxd Blue grins creepily
Cap Both grin creepily to each other
Blue points at Green and shouts "You piece of shit."
Classy Blue says "I wonder what the meaning of Life is..."
unp Green says to Blue: "You're a fucking idiot".
Melodic Blue walks in and says "Can you spare some change?"
Green says "I'm dying of cancer."
Successful Green walks in and Blue says "Well, look who decided to show up."
Linen Green says "What?"
Hall Green says "Why?"
Dinner Green says "Alright."
ujr Green proudly says "Awesome!"


Blue grabs Green's hands and says "Let's run away together."
yig Blue walks towards Green saying "I just had the craziest dream!"
Furniture Green grabs Blue and says
"Don't you get it?! This is all a dream!"
Utter Blue says to Green "Check out my dick." while having an erection;
Green shows an unimpressed face.
rgz Green slaps Blue.
vmj Blue is crying from happiness and screaming "Yes! I broke my masturbation record!"
Green puts his hands on his head with one knee on the floor saying
"I'm so confused!"
Slave Blue gets close to Green while grinning and saying
"If ya know what I mean."
Yak Green happily says with arms in the air "That's great to hear!"
Abandoned Blue angrily shouts "You just fucked with the wrong fella!"
Powerful Blue is sleeping with the panels on the right being his dream.
Book Green is sleeping with the panels on the left being his dream.
Green licks Blue
eho Blue licks Green. Green looks shocked disgusted.
coe Blue says "Why are you so ugly."
Tax Blue points at his balls and says "I have balls too!"
hki Blue states "I'm bored!" Green also looks bored.
oay Blue has a wide grin; Green stares
Aftermath Green has poop under him
smk Green kicks Blue in the balls
dep Blue points at Green saying "I fucking love you!"
Mouth Green says to Blue "Please go away."
Majestic Blue points at Green with a creepy smile and says "I didn't get a chance to thank you for last night."
qxy Blue runs to Green saying "Thank god, I've found you in time!"
Wall Green says "That's pretty cool I guess."
htw Blue says "I've decided to kill myself."
wxc Blue says with his hands on his chest:
"I want to finally tell you how I really feel..."
uvj Green says "Wait, before you finish, is there any way this will get me laid?"
unm Blue walks in saying "Guess who just got laid!" Green looks annoyed.
Title Blue says "That was awkard."
uts Blue points at Green and says "Stop flirting with me!"
Lock Close-up of Green holding his hands in front of him saying "Stop right there."
drm Blue says "Want some Druuuuugs?"
Skirt Green says "You're right."


Blue starts grinding Green


Green starts grinding Blue
Sheet Green says to Blue:
"That's no way to speak to your FATHER, young man."
atr Blue says "Life is meaningless..."
fmg Blue gives Green a smooch
Building Blue kisses Green.
Middle Blue and Green hold hands and begin to kiss.
xbc Both make out with each other.
Sack Green says "I need to pee."
Change Green says "And?"
Eight Blue looks at Green with a creepy smile and Green says
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
Self Both point guns at each other while sweating.
Fierce Blue says "I just need to get my dick wet." while having an erection.
beo Green says to Blue while up to his face "I hate you."
Pot Blue says to Green while up to his face "I hate you."
tqa Both shoot each other.
xyu Green has his hands in the air and scared while Blue
points a gun at him and says "Give me your fucking wallet!"
qrd Green holds a gun to Blue's head saying "Say that again. I dare you." Blue is sweating.
nqk Blue is drunk and says to Green "I'm drunk. Wanna fuck?"
Pizzas Blue says to Green "This is why we can't hangout anymore."
zpq Blue has heart-shaped eyes while smiling at Green.
jdl A heart appears above Blue and Green as they smile at one another.
Blue says "I need more friends."
Grandmother Green says to Blue "It's our anniversary."
Seed Green says to Blue "Why didn't you say that before?"
Scintillating Blue says to Green "Tell me a joke."
Apparatus Green leaves the panel; Blue just stares
Coat Blue leaves the panel; Green just stares
Cook Green says "Same"
Comparison Green says "That would explain this erection" while looking at his erection
Incandescent Blue walks in saying "I just fucked my wife."; Green stares
wji Blue says to Green "Look, I'm willing to forgive you for sleeping with my wife."
ebs Green looks dismayed and says, "I thought we were friends..."
ofs Green says "We're not friends anymore."
huv Green gets close to Blue's face shouting "Leave me alone!"
Faded Blue grabs green shoulder and says "You gotta help me."


Green gives Blue a blowjob
ugp Green chases Blue while looking angry and blushed.
Humor Green says to Blue "No".
jis Blue reaches down his shirt and says to Green
"Wanna take this back to my place?"
qgx Blue says to Green "You won't believe what just happened!"
por Both stare angrily at each other with determined faces.
Fly Green says to Blue "I have aids."
tjq While bloods spews from his penis, Blue says to Green "EAT MY AIDS!"
ydh Green lets out a sigh
imw Blue walks in and points his fingers at Green while
winking and saying "Hey, sexy."
gvz "8 months later..." labeled at the top while Blue is smiling and pregnant
while the baby in his stomach is green.
Green is taking therapy and says "And that was the last time I ever saw him..."
Copper Green gets on the floor and says to Blue "Please! Don't hurt me!"
Amused Blue says "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you:"
tqg Blue points and says to Green "Also, suck my dick!"
arb Green starts crying
vtg Both start crying. Blue is grasping his head and Green covers his eyes.
jvw Green says to Blue "Also, who the fuck are you?"
Cat Blue says to Green "I forgot what I was going to say."
bfv Green says "Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" Blue looks annoyed.
sqh Blue says "My nipples are pointy" while his hard nipples can be seen through his shirt.
zlw Blue says to Green "I have cancer."
Bit Green puts his arms up and shouts "Hooray!"
rsu Blue says, with has hand on his chin "I think I might be gay."


Green says to Blue "I'm not gay."
ybv Green says "I think that makes us gay."

Popcorn/ lyc

Green punches Blue
Coast Green gets close to Blue and holds up a phone saying
"Hold up, I totally need to get a selfie of this."
Tense Blue puts his hand on his cheek saying "You know, I was thinking..."
Stem Green says unamusingly to Blue "You are the WORST."
Pathetic Blue says to Green with his head tilted: "You ever kissed a total stranger?"
usw Blue walks in with his head down, saying "I've never been kissed."
Houses Green says "Whoa, calm down, buddy."
Blue shows his butt to Green while saying "Put your finger in my anus."
Appliance Green says to Blue "I wish I could help you, but I'm attracted to women."
while Blue has an erection.
kxl Blue waves his arms in the air while happily saying "Just kidding!" to Green
Spiritual Blue sadly says to Green "I left you everything in my will..."
Lumpy Blue runs in the panel worried and says to Green:
"I lost it all, man. Game over."
lfm Blue says to Green "I have three days to live."
hdc Blue shoves his butt in Green's face
Idea Green says to Blue "I've got a better idea."
byu Green says to Blue "I have no idea what you're talking about."


Blue points angrily to Green while saying "You make me sick."
Watery Blue says to Green "I just lost 100 LBs." happily with his fist on his chest.
eun Green says "Eh, so it's like THAT, eh?" while
showing a brute face and showing a very large arm.
Dry Blue says to Green "I have something to confess..."
wkj Green says to Blue "This is my impression of you:"
Play Green taunts Blue by saying "Look at me and my stupid blue shirt. Blah Blah Blah."
Letters Green counts dollars in his hands; Blue stares



Blue pukes green barf; Green stares
vjg Blue opens his mouth, revealing puke, and says "Suddenly there is puke in my mouth!"
Lying Blue puts his hands on his head and says "I think I've been cursed!"
ais Both stare at their erections.
Lovely Blue runs into the panel saying to Green: "Well if it isn't my WORST enemy..."
Clover Shows both of their tombstones
Literate Blue says "How do you like my new shirt?"
mhj Green pees on the floor; Blue stares
Wicked Blue says to Green "You should kill yourself."
Authority Green starts saying "Hmmm..."
Remarkable Blue says to Green "It's time we both became men."
Parcel Green says to Blue "I like your tits."
Throne Blue says to Green "I do not give a shit."
yed Green says to Blue "You've already told
me that like three times."
mxb Green points at Blue and shouts "That does it! I've had enough of your shit!"
oni Blue is constructing a robot version of Green and says
"Finally! I've completed my Robo-companion."
Premium Blue walks in and says "Hey, I'm here!"
while Green looks at his "watch" (his wrist)
Sound Both are old men; Blue says "And that's how we first met."
and Green says "Ah yes."
Hair Green gestures at Blue while saying "Hey, check out this asshole."
Private Blue points at Green happily saying "You are my best friend!"
Bag Green says to Blue "Let's celebrate!"
Mark Green says to Blue "I get that all the time."
sva Blue says to Green "Did you just fart?"
bcl Blue stabs Green with a knife
kuj Blue says to Green "Are you coming on to me?"
slc Green says to Blue "Are you hitting on me?"
tkz Both are naked and in bed together;
Blue says "That was fantastic!" to Green who is smoking.
Trousers Green says to Blue "My wife left me."
cqm Both are sad and frowning, Blue has sad eyebrows.
phf Both are sad and frowning, Green's frown is square while Blue's is round.
Girl Green says to Blue "Are you serious?"
Pull Blue says "But-" only for Green to interrupt with "Shut your goddamn mouth!"
Screw Green says to Blue "Shut your fucking mouth!"
aos Green says to Blue "Shut the fuck up."
wut Green points at Blue and says "Go fuck yourself!"
bet Blue bites his lower lip and asks Green "Wanna see something special?"
sap Blue and Green both dance.
Dusty Blue starts dancing and says "Howdy Howdy Howdy!"; Green stares
knz Blue asks Green "Why are you always so mean to me?"
hgr Green says "I have an eleven-inch penis."
kel Blue forces his hand, middle finger raised, through Green's head.
hjz Blue and Green stare at each other
ayp Close-up of Blue pulling a weird smile and saying "Mondays!"
Mailbox Close-up of Blue shouting to the sky "What have I done?!"
Tiger Green shouts at sky "I blame god for this"
xbu Blue and Green have both hanged themselves
cvu Green says "You filthy blue shirts are all the same."
Direction Grey says to Blue and Green "You guys are fucking idiots."
pzn Blue puts his hand near Green's face and says "Smell my finger."
gxr Close-up of Green pointing towards Blue and shouting "Who the fuck let you out of the basement?"
Rod Green smiles at Blue and says "Congratulations!"
tne Blue is down on one knee with an engagement ring in a box, saying to Green "Will you marry me?"
Cactus Blue shrugs, frowns, and says to Green "...Why are you like this?"
Didactic Blue screws up his face in disgust and says "What's that smell?"
zxs Close up of Green looking absolutely disgusted with something off-panel.


Blue says to Green "I think we should get a divorce."
etp Blue tells Green "Your mother and I are getting a divorce."
Sign Blue has an erection
fxb Green has an erection
btw Both have an erection
jxe Blue holds a roll of condoms up to Green, sporting a wide smile
ipr Blue says "I just came" with a pleasured face
vrz Blue points at Green, shouting "It's all your fault!"
lvs Blue frantically runs in an grabs Green's shirt, saying "Call 911!"
ipw Blue is on the phone, saying "Hello? 911?"
zmk Green blushes, saying "I just don't think I'm ready..."
ekn Blue says to Green "Doctor, I don't feel so great..."
ndr Green, looking proud with his hands on his hips, says "Sorry, I'm allergic."
rto Blue screams and goes pale while Green rips his own face off
ond Green leans towards Blue, biting his lip and saying "How about we jizz on our own faces instead?"
ljr Green smiles, stating "It's opposite day!"
abg Blue leans over Green looking angry, saying "I know what you did!"
eks Blue and Green are married and kiss as petals fall over them. Green wears a wedding veil.
vtn Blue looks worried and blushes as Green leans over smiling, hands clasped.
lxc Green angrily points at Blue, saying "That seems a little racist, to be honest."
lzs Blue looks annoyed and tells Green "I don't think we can be friends anymore."
jrl Blue happily tells Green "You're hired!"
nif Green holds up a badge and says "I'm a cop." Blue looks scared.
bua Blue walks up to Green saying "A vampire just bit me!"
eub Green, with his head touches Blue's, suggests "How about we inject heroin into our eyeballs?"
ysi Green says to Blue "I just lost all respect for you."
lae Blue proudly states "I've stopped getting my vaccinations!"
bpz Blue and Green are in a wrestling ring. A referee holds up a sign reading "Round 1"
sot Blue walks in and says to Green "Tell me a story!"
czv Green kneels in front of Blue, grabbing his shirt and crying, saying "Please! I've got children!"
jha Green tells Blue "You should see a doctor."
stg Blue looks happy and asks Green "Have you heard the good word?"
zuc Green tells Blue "I'm eleven years old." Blue stares.
fhg Blue says "I'm off my medication."
hym Blue says"I just did a fuck ton of shrooms."
jhm Green, holding his stomach with his tongue hanging out, says "Mmm, you're making me hungry."
jqi Green grows huge and muscular, ripping his clothes. Blue seems mildly surprised.
axi Green proudly (perhaps smugly?) says "I've got an app for that."
apm Blue says "Personally I prefer Android phones, because-"
doc Blue walks in reading a newspaper, saying "The middle east sure is a mess."
pzx Blue arrives from above via green UFO beam.
itd A purple-shirted woman appears in the foreground, pointing back at Blue and Green looking amused and saying "MEN."
vem Blue approaches Green saying "I'm your court-appointed attorney. Let's talk about your case."
vpm An entirely black panel save for white text reading "This panel censored by The People's Republic of China"
xwj Green angrily points a Blue saying "You're not my fucking dad!"
xhc Green opens his mouth. Inside is another, smaller head. Everyone looks annoyed.
rzs Green has a small face on an inappropriate area of his body.
lpf Both look at Green's body. Blue says "You really should exercise more."
xze Green lays in bed dreaming the rest of the comic.
lhj Blue solemnly looks off into the distance and says "We're going to die alone."
eop Blue pours a gallon of bleach into his eyes.
wen Both joyfully say "Whoa, we're made for each other!"
mqy Blue asks Green "Aren't you meant to be at a funeral?"
reo Two women walk away from Blue and Green. One says "This double date is over."
wic Blue leers at Green saying "I saw you wearing women's clothes the other night."
tfv Blue walks up to Green and asks "Hey, aren't you my old math teacher?"
cbm Green states "I'd rather go to war."
cbx Blue gets in Green's face and asks "Wanna buy some crystal meth?"
fwn Green holds his stomach and says "Haha, that's a good one."
piv Green splits off from Blue, similar to a cell undergoing mitosis.
wmt Green knocks on Blue's head asking "Could you be more of an idiot?"
vob Green crosses his arms and turns away from Blue, saying "I'm not falling for that one again."
agd Blue says "Wait, I've made a mistake."
qej Blue winks and smiles toothily at Green.
erb Blue and Green give each other a chest bump in mid-air while shouting "Yeah!" Only instead of their chests it's their erections.
arz Green slams Blue to the ground, headfirst. Blue's head cracks and blood splatters onto the ground.
nwa Green says to Blue "That's not FAIR!"
xpa Blue points at his crotch saying "I can't find my dick."
jtg Green contorts his body and smiles maliciously, saying "I think I'm possessed..."
hsw Both's teeth begin to fall out of their mouths. They seem confused and worried.
vux A black panel with white bordering, with text reading "SCENE MISSING"
ekm Blue sits on Green's head, his shirt pulled up revealing his butt. Green looks upset and crosses his arms.
mgr Blue, upset and holding his arm, says "My dog just died..."
hel Blue points at Green and says "Gasp! My long lost twin brother!"
dnh Blue twerks on the ground, telling Green "Check out my twerking skills."
ohi Blue tells Green "This is why we can't hang out anymore."
jhr Blue has his eyes closed and hand on his forehead, saying "After all these years, it finally came to this."
pdw Green, on fire, is pouring gasoline on himself.
sxj Black panel containing the text "Previously on Cyanide & Happiness"
dya Green smiles wide directly at the viewer.
dth Green points at Blue saying "That's easy for you to say!"
lsz Green walks in to Orange who asks "So how was your first day of school?"
tgl Grey is sitting at a computer looking at a Cyanide and Happiness comic while saying "HILARIOUS!"
uey Green saying "I'm a WOMAN."
qzv While holding hands Blue says to Green "Remember, we promised to never tell our wives."
goi Blue alone: "Hey, does my dick smell like farts?"
zel Green looks down pensively: "Hmmm..."
lvm Green: "You're so random!"
ljh Blue at gravestone: "That was the last thing I ever said to him..."
lkq Blue chanting over Green's corpse in a pentagram.
miz Black screen with white text: "3000 years in the future"
uct Green angrily grabbing Blue: "Who are you and what did you do with my friend?!"
pbs Blue is running in, excited, saying: "They're making a new iPhone!". Green looks annoyed.
aih Blue looks suspiciously on Green and says: "I saw you in the bathroom. You Didn't wash your hands!" Green looks surprised.
qrd Green is sticking a gun to Blue's head. Blue is nervous and Green is angry. Green is saying: "say that again. I dare you."
wqd Blue is angry, asking Green: "Why didn't you come to my birthday party?"
sub Green is smiling suspiciously at Blue and asks: "You mean like in a sexy way?"
rfw Blue is asking: "Do you ever wonder if we're alone in the universe?"
pjb Green is angry, asking Blue: "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?"
pew Blue tells Green: "I want to try anal, but my wife says no."
kro Green is shouting: "What're you doing on my turf!"
dps Blue is running in, worried, yelling: "Oh shit! terrorists just blew up the-"
mho Blue's head explodes.
ejf Green explodes.
oth Green and Blue watching the sunset at the sea...
vqn Green makes Blue swallow him.
stg Blue is happy, Saying: "have you heard the good word?"
lpf Blue says to Green: "you really should exercise more.", While Green looks at his body.
exc Blue says: 'This is why mom left us'
dlf Blue says, with a sick face: 'Oh god I'm so hungover'
xkt Grey says "saw it coming" while watching TV.
cav A ghost comes out of Blue's mouth while Green watches it.
gki Blue floats and his eyes glow red while Green is shocked.
haf Blue says "now we just have to wait and die"
tkv Blue and Green just stand there.
kdp Blue and Green walk offscreen.
kxw Green walks offscreen.
nag Blue and Green high with inverted colors and swirl effects, with a text that says "DRUGZ" on the top.
nuk Green points at (disappointed) Blue and says "Hell no."
ncu Blue says to Green: "Let's do famous movie quotes! You first!"
ouh Green looks angry and says "You never let me talk."
kzj Green looks un-amused while pointing at his groin while Blue watches
gbe Two gravestones that say "RIP" on them.


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