Rob DenBleyker
Rob's picture on his Facebook page.
"Jesus started out turning ice cubes into grapes, but everyone got really impatient."
―Rob's Post on Facebook. 14/11/2011

Robert "Rob" DenBleyker is a Canadian cartoonist on, which is dedicated to the Cyanide and Happiness comic strips. He's been there since his first creation of his comic, which is the second comic in Cyanide and Happiness. Due to this, he and Kris are very close friends.

He is very overweight and often subject to public ridicule, which is well-chronicled in Explosm's discussion forums. Despite his overweightness, he is arguably the favorite of the four cartoonists.

Rob writes his comics while sitting and crying in his car. His artist style is the same as the animated shorts. His Superhero mascot is SuperJerk. SuperJerk has a blue jumpsuit with a green cape. He has the word SJ in big Green letters with black outlining. He also has lots of other recurring characters in the comic, like the Purple shirted eye Stabber, Charles, Obese Maurice, etc. His characters are known for their large eyes and heads that aren't quite round.