The Sign Part 2
Will she learn from Greenshirt's mistake?
Production Number: 12
Aired: 5/2/2010
Characters Cops, Pinkdress, Baby
Length 0:52
Previous Episode The Sign
Next Episode I Love Noodles
The Sign Part 2 - Classic Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

The Sign Part 2 - Classic Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

The Sign Part 2 is one of the Cyanide and Happiness animated shorts and the sequel to The Sign.


Two cops are seen standing in front of the sign that reads "DO NOT READ" looking around for anyone who might read the sign. One of the cops lets out a bored sigh.

All of the sudden, Pinkdress comes in carrying a baby and the cops immidiately get ready for an attack. Pinkdress looks at the cops confused and her baby laughs but the cops do not let their gaurd down. Pinkdress looks up to read the sign and is immidiately hit in the face with a baton causing her to drop the baby and is hit again knocking her to the ground.

The second cop goes to beat the baby but the first cop stops him saying, "Wow, it's just a baby." The second cop clears his throat and motions to a sign behind him reading, "NO BABIES" and the first cop only responds with a "Huh".

Both cops start kicking the baby and beating it with their batons.

In the after credits scene, the first cop throws the baby to the second cop who uses his baton as a baseball bat.

It a second after credits scene, the baby is seen trying to crawl away and is hit by a patrol vehicle.


  • The baby is hit by a patrol car.


  • Pinkshirt is knocked unconscious with the cops.
  • Baby is kicked once by each cop.
  • Baby is beaten with the cops' batons.
  • Baby is hit with a baton being used as a baseball.


  • This is the first episode to have two post credit scenes and the second to have any at all. Something that becomes very common practice in newer episodes.